Golf Cart Parade with Santa
Flamingos by Roberta
All our Reindeer
Table decorating with the big Snowman
Christmas Dinner
School Children who came to sing Christmas Carols
Dressed for a Luau
Photo for Everyone
Chicken or Pork Hawaiian Style
Our Luau Girls
and Then There's our Guys
Segway at South Padre Island
Marine Military Academy Campus Tour
Dolphin Cruises, Fun at SPI
Gladys Porter VIP Tour
Hilltop Gardens Aloe Vera Farm
TV Station CBS Channel 4 Tour
2018 Veterans
Girls sang God Bless America
Rotary sponsoring Flags
20 Flags Flying on Flag Day
Even a Canadian Flag

RV & Mobile Home Park
2801 East Harrison
Harlingen, Texas 78550
Toll Free: 800-499-3137
Phone: 956-423-3137

RV & Mobile Home Park
2801 East Harrison
Harlingen, Texas 78550
Toll Free: 800-499-3137
Phone: 956-423-3137

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RV Site Rates for: 2023     See Mobile Home Rates

Daily (Electric Included)$42.00$40.00
Weekly (Electric Included)$191.00$185.00
1 month$438.00$425.00
2 months$876.00$850.00
3 months$1305.00$1267.00
4 months$1349.00$1310.00
5 months$1457.00$1415.00
6 months$1560.00$1515.00
Annual Quarterly$623.00$604.25
Reservation Deposit$258.00$250.00
Monthly Summer Storage$31.00$30.00

Daily (Electric Included)$42.00$40.00
Weeky (Electric Included)$186.00$180.00
1 month$412.00$400.00
2-6 months F5 - F14$865.00$840.00
2-6 months F28 - F42$994.00$965.00
Annual Quarterly$582.00$564.25
Reservation Deposit$285.00$250.00
Monthly Summer Storage$31.00$30.00
All rates based on 1-2 person occupancy.
Overnight Guest Charges: $2.00 per person per night.
All Overnight Guests must be registered at office.
Parking is limited to 1 Vehicle per RV Site
and 2 Vehicles per Mobile Home Site.
Phone: 956-423-3137 ... Toll Free: 800-499-3137
All Rates Subject to Change Without Notice

Mobile Home Rates for: 2023
All MH Lot Rent Payments must be made with Cash, Check or Travelers Check
Water is paid to the park. Gas and Electricity are paid to the gas and electric company of owners choice.


Mobile Home water meters are read each month and bills are in the lobby by the 25th of the month. Rent and water is payable by the 1st of the month. Late payment fee after the 5th day of the month is $10.00.

Mobile Home residents are responsible for their lawn care ALL YEAR. One shed per lot.

Eastgate RV Park Site Map

Park Rules ... download printable pdf file of rules

Welcome to Eastgate RV and Mobile Home Park!
We want your stay to be a pleasant one. These are the guidelines by which you will receive the maximum enjoyment and benefits while you are a resident of Eastgate RV and Mobile Home Park.

Applications for Residency must be approved by the Management.

Office Hours: 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., November through March
9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M., April through October.

1. REGISTRATION: All residents must register at the Office when arriving in the Park. If arrival is after normal Office hours, please come in the next business day. Each resident should provide the Office with the Name, Address, and Telephone Number(s) of a person to be notified in case of an emergency.

2. RESPONSIBILITY: Park residents are responsible for their own actions and for any damages caused by their actions. Guests must be registered at the Office and be accompanied by Residents when using Park Facilities. All Residents are responsible for their guests conduct and are responsible for any damages caused by their guests. Children must be supervised at all times. Use of the Pool Room is for Residents and their guests, 16 years of age or older.

3. NAME BADGES: Name badges are available in the Office and should be worn at Park Functions in the Rec Halls.

4. SPEED LIMITS AND RIGHT OF WAY: The Speed Limit is 10 MPH! Pedestrians and cyclists have the right of way. Walkers face traffic and golf carts and cyclists go in the direction of traffic. Please YEILD when coming onto the main NORTH and SOUTH streets.

5. TELEPHONE SERVICE: The Office will deliver Emergency Messages ONLY. All others will be put in your mailbox.

6. MAIL SERVICE: Mobile Homes and RV Rows A and B have their own locked mail boxes. Mobile Homes 1 - 100 are located at the South Hall. Mobile homes 149 - 194, and RV Rows A and B are located at the North Hall. RV Rows C, D, E, & F are located in the South Hall across from the Office.

7. PETS. All PETS MUST BE ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES: Residents are responsible for the actions and control of their pets. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN ANY PARK BUILDINGS. MANAGEMENT RETAINS THE RIGHT TO BAN FROM THE PARK ANY PET THAT IS CAUSING A NUISANCE OR RUNNING LOOSE. Contact Office for a complete list of Pet Rules.

8. TRASH AND GARBAGE: Dumpsters are provided for household trash and garbage ONLY. DO NOT PUT LAWN WASTE OR CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS IN THE DUMPSTERS. Please put all waste in plastic bags. Dumpsters and Recycle Bins are located at the North Hall. See the Office for a list of what can and cannot be recycled.

9. PARKING: Space is provided on each lot for no more than one vehicle. Only one Motor Home or RV is permitted to occupy the rented lot. A reasonable amount of time is allowed for loading and unloading RV's, etc. If additional time is required, please contact the Office.

10. LAUNDRY: Laundry Facilities are available for residents use only. The North Hall Facilities are located in the Southwest corner of the building and the South Hall Facilities are located in the Northwest corner of the building. The laundries are open 24 hours a day. NO laundry may be hung outdoors. Utility clothes lines may be used as long as they are not visible from the street or bother your neighbors. These lines are only for drying swimsuits and towels.

11. SWIMMING POOLS & SPAS: Rules are posted in the pool area. PLEASE ABIDE BY THEM. Wet bathing suits are not allowed in the halls or the laundry areas (wet floors are dangerous). Remember you must shower before entering the pool or spa to remove all body lotions before entering the water. ABSOLUTELY NO DIVING; THE POOL IS NOT DEEP ENOUGH.

12. ACCIDENTS: The Park is NOT responsible for accidents of the residents. Please use care in your activities.

13. RECREATIONAL HALL AIR CONDITIONER. We are trying to do our part in energy conservation. Please use common sense and only use the AC or Heat when necessary.

14. COURTESY: All Park residents and their guests are expected to be courteous and polite to other residents and Park Personnel. Please refrain from disturbing noises after 10:00 PM. Abusive language and public intoxication will not be tolerated. Park Policy is NO SMOKING in any Park Building including laundry rooms and restrooms.

Thank You and Enjoy Your Stay,
Eastgate Management