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Chicken or Pork Hawaiian Style
Our Luau Girls
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Segway at South Padre Island
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RV & Mobile Home Park
2801 East Harrison
Harlingen, Texas 78550
Toll Free: 800-499-3137
Phone: 956-423-3137

RV & Mobile Home Park
2801 East Harrison
Harlingen, Texas 78550
Toll Free: 800-499-3137
Phone: 956-423-3137

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RV Site Rates for: 2024     See Mobile Home Rates

Daily (Electric Included)$42.00$40.00
Weekly (Electric Included)$191.00$185.00
1 month$438.00$425.00
2 months$876.00$850.00
3 months$1305.00$1267.00
4 months$1349.00$1310.00
5 months$1457.00$1415.00
6 months$1560.00$1515.00
Annual Quarterly$623.00$604.25
Reservation Deposit$258.00$250.00
Monthly Summer Storage$31.00$30.00

Daily (Electric Included)$42.00$40.00
Weeky (Electric Included)$186.00$180.00
1 month$412.00$400.00
2-6 months F5 - F14$865.00$840.00
2-6 months F28 - F42$994.00$965.00
Annual Quarterly$582.00$564.25
Reservation Deposit$285.00$250.00
Monthly Summer Storage$31.00$30.00
All rates based on 1-2 person occupancy.
Overnight Guest Charges: $2.00 per person per night.
All Overnight Guests must be registered at office.
Parking is limited to 1 Vehicle per RV Site
and 2 Vehicles per Mobile Home Site.
Phone: 956-423-3137 ... Toll Free: 800-499-3137
All Rates Subject to Change Without Notice

Mobile Home Rates for: 2024
All MH Lot Rent Payments must be made with Cash, Check or Travelers Check
Water is paid to the park. Gas and Electricity are paid to the gas and electric company of owners choice.


Mobile Home water meters are read each month and bills are in the lobby by the 25th of the month. Rent and water is payable by the 1st of the month. Late payment fee after the 5th day of the month is $10.00.

Mobile Home residents are responsible for their lawn care ALL YEAR. One shed per lot.

Eastgate RV Park Site Map

Eastgate Mobile Home and RV Park Guidelines ... download printable pdf file of rules

GUIDELINES FOR REGISTERED GUESTS: The following community guidelines are effective as of March 4, 2022 and will remain in effect until changed by written notice.

PURPOSE: The intention for these community guidelines is to create, to preserve and to enforce standards that ensure an atmosphere at Eastgate Mobile Home & RV Park that is of the greatest benefit to all tenants, management and ownership. Special emphasis is given to the qualities of safety, order and peace.

ADDITIONS & IMPROVEMENTS: All outside improvements, including but not limited to awnings, skirting, sidewalks, driveways, storage units, porches, storage buildings, etc. must be submitted to and approved by Park Management prior to any construction. Always check with the office first. Any improvements which fail to comply with the Park’s standards must be brought up to those standards or removed from the Park. Failure to do so will cause the Park Management to have the right but not the obligation, to remove and dispose of the improvement, material and rubbish. Improvement-- removed from the Park and the expenses billed to the resident. Whether removed by the park, or not, failure to comply is a violation of the rental agreement for which the tenant and home may be removed from the park.

All construction debris must be completely removed by the tenant, at his/her expense. From the lot by each Friday (weekly) this is the work can be done during the week but the debris needs to be removed at the end of each week. These items are not garbage and may never be disposed as if they were. Garbage removal service will not remove any garbage container that has construction material in it.

ARRIVING & DEPARTING: All residents must register at the Office when arriving in the park. If arrival is after hours, please come to the office the following business day. Before departure please notify the Park office of your exact date of departure. Therefore we can read and print your final electric invoice. All outstanding amounts for electric and rent are due on or before departure date unless prior arrangements have been made with management.

CANCELLATIONS – RV’S: All cancellations will be assessed a $50 administrative fee. If a cancellation is received in writing on or before September 1st 100% of the deposit minus administrative fee will be returned to you by check from our main office within 90 days of notice. After September 1st emergency cancellations may be considered on an individual basis.

EMERGENCIES: For emergencies call 911.

FACILITY USAGE: All Facilities and common areas, including North and South Halls, Swimming Pool Area, North Hall Spa, Laundry Rooms, Shuffleboards courts, and Horseshoe Pits are for the use of our residents and their guests only. The kitchen facilities and equipment in the North and South Halls are for organized park activity use only. Personal use of refrigerators, freezers, stoves, or sinks is not allowed. Both halls are available from 7 am to 10 pm. Scheduled activities are provided year round with many more from mid-October thru mid-April.
Eastgate Mobile Home and RV Park, its owners, managers, agents and representatives will not be responsible for any accidents, loss or theft while using common facilities. Park residents use all common facilities at their OWN RISK.
One adult resident must accompany all visiting children (under the age of 16) in these areas. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to play pool. All residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests, and will be required to pay for any damages caused by them. Name tags are available at the park office and are encouraged to be worn at all park functions in the recreation halls. Please wear shirt and shoes in all buildings.

FAX AND COPY SERVICE: Fax service may be provided at the Park Office. Charges are as follows: Receiving a fax is $1.00 per page. Sending a fax is $2.00 per page. (this includes all phone charges) within the United States. Foreign Faxes will be assessed an international phone surcharge of $1.00 per page.
Copy service may be provided at the Park Office. Charges are as follows: Black and white copies are $0.25 per page.

GARBAGE AND TRASH REMOVAL: The removal of household trash is the responsibility of the resident. Dumpsters are provided and are for HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE AND TRASH ONLY – NO YARD WASTE OR CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS. The removal of all discarded appliances, furniture, construction materials, or other non-household trash is the responsibility of each resident. Maintenance will pick up (Monday – Friday) morning any limbs, branches, bagged grass clippings, etc. Please notify office of any non-resident using our dumpsters (get their license plate number if possible).

GOLF CARTS OR PERSONAL VEHICLES: Golf carts or other vehicles should be driven on the streets only. Please do not cut through your neighbor’s lot. Please observe the 10 MPH speed limit. No one under the age of 16 is allowed to drive a golf cart. Golf carts are not allowed on the new biking/walking path in the front of the park.

LAUNDRY: Laundry facilities are available at both the North and South Halls and are for residents only. The laundry rooms are open 24 hours a day. Clotheslines are available behind the North Hall. NO laundry may be hung outdoors. Utility clothes lines may be used as long as they are not visible from the street and do not bother your neighbors. These lines should only be used for drying swim suits and towels. For quarters please go to the office. Please turn out lights and close the doors if you are the last to leave.

LOADING/UNLOADING OF RV’S: There is a three (3) day limit to load or unload any RV, extra cars, etc., when you first arrive back to the park. Do not use your neighbor’s driveways or carports without prior permission.

LOT ASSIGNMENT OF RV’S: Management reserves the right to reassign lots. Lots rented by the day, week or month may be reassigned if someone desires to rent the lot on a yearly basis. Without a deposit on a lot, reservation may be cancelled or changed by management.

LOT MAINTENANCE: Owners of mobile homes are responsible for mowing, trimming, weeding flower bed(s), raking, pruning bushes and other needed yard work. The weather in South Texas has changed and we are seeing that the mowing of yards needs to be done more often. Please remember that as you hire someone to do your mowing. Park will trim trees on an as needed basis. Please notify Park Office of tree trimming needs. Residents must not cut down any trees or bushes without permission from Management. If someone other than the resident or Park personnel do any yard work, they are responsible for the removal of any branches and/or yard waste. No yard or landscaping services may be performed by Park employees except after working hours and with prior approval of Management. Residents herewith understand that any park employee working for the resident is not insured by the Park. Nor does the Park guarantee any work performed. The resident herewith holds the Park, its employees, agents and owners harmless from any damage, injury or otherwise when employing any Park personnel.

The owner and tenant must maintain the lot his/her mobile home is on or he/she is occupying free and clear of all rubbish, materials, stacks or piles of anything, neat and clean at all times. Please realize that due to the lack of opaque fencing and limited size of lots, anything and everything on one’s lot has a large impact on ones neighbors, the livability of their home and even safety. Any accumulation of material or rubbish quickly attracts insects, rodent and snakes looking for a home. Additionally it renders the park unsightly which harms everyone – each and every tenant and the park alike. The park has the right but not obligation to clean up the lot and remove and dispose of anything in violation. Failure to comply with this provision is a serious violation of rules which is likely to lead to eviction if not cured in a timely manner.

MAIL: Mobile Homes and RV rows A & B have their own individual mailboxes delivered to by the US Post Office. Numbers 1 -100 are at the South Hall and their mailing address is 2801 East Harrison Ave. All other Mobile Homes and RV rows A & B have boxes at the North Hall and their mailing address is 2803 East Harrison Ave. RV rows C-D-E-F have mail slots in the South Hall across from the office. Eastgate is not responsible for any lost or misplaced mail. Lot/site numbers have to be included on your mailing address for proper delivery of your mail by the US Post Office.

MOVING PERMANENT UNITS INTO PARK: All permanent homes moving into the park must meet the building code regulations and wind zone restrictions required by City of Harlingen and Cameron County. Park management, under the owner’s guidelines, reserves the right to approve or disapprove all permanent units coming into Eastgate.

MOVING PERMANENT UNITS OUT OF PARK: Any resident moving their permanent unit from the Park shall give management a 30 day written notice and pay a $300 cash moving deposit. Upon move out of unit, complete clean-up of site (including removal of anchors, all debris, sheds, etc.) and payment of all charges & fees, management will return moving deposit. If the resident leaves his lot in an unsightly manner the Park will do necessary cleanup and the resident will be charged for the work performed.

NOTICE OF TEMPORARY ABSENCE: Residents must notify the Park Office before leaving for the summer or more than 14 days and provide where they can be reached and when they plan to return. This is for your protection and convenience. The Park accepts no responsibility for the resident’s home, improvements, or personal items during his (her) absence.

OCCUPANCY: Only two people per RV unit are allowed. Management must be notified if guests will stay overnight. Daily fee of $2.00 will be charged for each guest staying overnight. Maximum visitor’s stay is 30 days in any one-year period, unless pre- approved by management.

OFFICE HOURS: October through March: Monday thru Friday - 9am to 4pm April through September: Monday thru Friday - 9am to 1pm. Office phone number is (956) 423-3137. Phone is forwarded to a cell phone when the office is closed. Both the office phone and cell phone also have voice mail.

PARK CONDUCT: Loud parties, excessive drinking, offensive language, or other unacceptable behavior by any resident or their guest(s) will not be tolerated. Residents are also required to keep pets under control and quiet.

PARK MEETINGS: All Park Meetings are for residents of Eastgate Mobile Home & RV Park ONLY.

PEST CONTROL: Park is not responsible for any pest infestation (unless in Park’s recreational buildings). This includes termites, insects, bugs, bees or otherwise. If infestation takes place during resident’s occupancy, resident will remove infestation within 30 days. During resident’s absence Park reserves the right to remove infestation and bill resident for actual charges. This protects resident’s unit and neighboring units.

PETS: Pets of 35 pounds or less are welcome in the Park and must be on a leash at all times. No pets may be left unattended either leashed or penned outdoors. Barking dogs will not be tolerated by your neighbors or the park. Be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your pet. No aggressive breed dogs of any weight are allowed in the Park. Pets are not allowed in any of the Park buildings.

QUIET HOURS: Quiet hours are 10PM to 8AM.

REGISTRATION CARDS: The office will keep a list of family members and friends, to contact in case of an emergency, if provided by the resident. This list should include names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. It will be the resident’s responsibility to see that this list is updated as needed.

RENT PAYMENTS: Mobile Home Lot Rent payments are due on the 1st of the month. Late payment fee after the 5th day of the month is $10.00. RV Lot and Furnished Rental rents are payable in full upon check-in. Our Rental Schedule will determine the rental rates, deposits and fees to be paid.

RESERVATIONS FOR RV’S: All reservations require $250.00 deposit to hold a designated lot on a first come first serve basis. Deposits will be credited at time of payment in full to outstanding balance.

SALE OF UNIT: We would like to purchase your unit. Before advertising your units please check with the Park office to see if the Park would be interested in purchasing your unit. This will save you advertising expenses and the hassle of showing your unit to strangers. We reserve the first right of refusal. For any units that are sold to be removed from the Park, the Park reserves the right to match the price and keep the unit in the Park. By signing these rules you are granting the Park first right of refusal. Removing a home from the Park causes a decrease in occupancy and many park tenants would like to rent or buy a used home. Therefore we want to keep every home in the park for the use of its tenants and not have it removed from the Park. If you sell your unit to someone who is keeping the unit in the Park the buyer needs to register with the Park office and sign all required paperwork before buying and occupying your unit. If a unit is sold and is going to be moved out of the Park and the Park does not match your offer, a $300 moving deposit is required before unit can be physically moved. All bills must be paid in full before unit leaves Eastgate Mobile Home and RV Park. (See MOVING-OUT OF PERMANENT UNITS above)

SKIRTING: Skirting must be installed within 30 days after moving a permanent structure into the Park. A permanent structure is considered any travel trailer, fifth wheel, park model or mobile home that is left on a lot and paid for on an annual basis.

SMOKING POLICY: All Park Buildings are SMOKE FREE. Please use receptacle for cigarette butts. Do not throw on the ground.

SOLICITING: No peddling or soliciting will be allowed on the premises.

SPEED LIMIT IS 10 MPH: This is strictly enforced. Please drive carefully.

SUB-RENTING: Mobile homes, park models, and RV’s may be rented to a third party provided the following provisions are met. All renters must register at Park Office prior to moving in. The homeowner is responsible for the site rent, all utility charges and other fees. Homeowners are responsible for renters conduct. No sub-renting is allowed unless prior approval by Management is obtained.

SWIMMING POOL: The swimming pool and spas are for Park residents only. All guests must be accompanied by a Park resident at all times. For safety reasons no guests under the age of 18 are allowed in the spas. Texas Law requires that everyone take a shower before entering pool or spa. PLEASE do not use lotions or oils as they clog and stain the pool, spa, and filtering systems. Appropriate swimwear is required at all times. Residents, family, and guests are to comply with the rules posted at the pool. No lifeguard is on duty at any time and using the pool is at your own risk. No glass containers are allowed in or around pool.

TELEPHONE: All emergency phone calls received by the office will be delivered immediately upon receipt to the best of our ability. Voice mail service answers the phone when office is not occupied. Only in case of emergency, advise friends and family to leave message on Park Office phone system.

TIE DOWNS: Permanent units have to be tied down and skirted. For skirting information, please see the SKIRTING section.

UTILITES: Utility Companies: The Park has the following utility services: Water, sewer and trash by the City of Harlingen; telephone service by AT&T and TV service by DirecTV. Some lots are billed directly by the electric provider and others are sub- metered and the Park Office provides billing.
• Free internet hotspots in both halls are provided by Eastgate Mobile Home and RV Park through Orbit Broadband. The Park does not guarantee the reliability and signal strength of the free internet service. There is no password for the free W-Fi hotspots..
• nternet Service is available throughout the park for a fee through Orbit Broadband. Fees and passwords are administered by Orbit.
• etered Electricity Charge: The Park will bill for sub-metered electric service on a monthly basis. You will receive a bill in your mail box on or before the 1st of each month, payment is due no later than the 5th of each month.
• etered Water Charge: The Park will bill for sub-metered water service on a monthly basis. You will receive a bill in your mail box on or before the 1st of each month, payment is due no later than the 5th of each month.

ACTS OF GOD: Every resident shall be responsible for repairing or removing his/her Mobile Home, RV, or Park Model and any improvements in the event of any natural disaster. The Park Owner reserves the right to repair or remove any permanent or temporary structure or vehicle that the resident fails to repair or remove within thirty (30) days of such natural disaster, and charge the expense to the resident. The Park Owner will do everything reasonably possible to have all services restored as quickly as possible, but will not be responsible for any damage done by the failure to restore utilities, or the delay to do so. Each resident shall continue to be responsible for the payment of rent and other charges. The Park will not be held responsible for damages caused by the Acts of God, such as, but not limited to, hurricanes, windstorms, tornadoes, earthquakes, rain, floods, lightning, flying objects, or falling limbs or trees.

SUMMARY: The Management reserves the right to make necessary changes to these community guidelines without notice by posting the changes at the Park Office. Non-compliance with these community guidelines may result in eviction from the Park. Management reserves the right to refuse any reservation or move-in without cause. Eastgate Mobile Home and RV Park, its owner, managers, employees or agents do not and will not assume any responsibility or liability for theft, disappearance, fire, loss, injury or damage to any person or property. Each resident assumes full responsibility and liability for his/her mobile home or RV unit and his/her property, including the property of visitors or guests. Each resident agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Eastgate Mobile Home and RV Park, its owners, managers, employees or agents from and on account of any personal injury or property damage to any person arising from the use of any portions of Eastgate Mobile Home and RV Park by the resident, their family, guests and visitors or arising from the failure of the resident to keep their unit and property in good working condition.

These guidelines may have exceptions, or other issues may come up that are not covered in these guidelines. The park owner and managers may address these issues as they arise. The park reserves the right to vary and grant exceptions to these guidelines at its discretion. These guidelines do not create any tenant right or privilege. This guideline is only enforceable by the park at its discretion.

Every Resident, whether permanent or temporary, by the posting of these guidelines, acknowledges their agreement and willingness to comply with and be bound by these guidelines.

Thank you and enjoy your stay.

Eastgate Mobile Home and RV Park, LLC
An Adult Travel Resort